Our Mission

TMI Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization offering transformative memoir workshops and performances that invite storytellers and audience members to explore new perspectives. By sharing bravely and candidly, storytellers become agents of change, fostering compassion, understanding and public awareness.

We offer memoir and monologue writing workshops that culminate in storytelling performances, or published material. Through the ancient art of storytelling, participants divulge the parts of their stories that they usually leave out — the parts they are usually too ashamed or embarrassed to share — and the parts others most want to hear, fostering greater understanding and compassion among people. Participants turn their pasts into testimonials of survival, dispelling old shame and inspiring others. Both story-teller and listener can then rewrite their future.

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Our Staff


    EVA TENUTO is the co-founder and executive director of TMI Project. She studied acting at American Academy of Dramatic Arts and went on to found The Women’s Experimental Theater Group. In the last seven years Eva has brought TMI Project from her living room to a host of performance spaces, high schools, colleges, detention centers, mental health facilities and the United Nations. Eva is the editor and director of multiple solo shows, one of which was awarded Best Comedic Script of 2014 in the Untied Solo Festival. Eva’s own true stories have been published in numerous anthologies. More at


    SARI BOTTON is a writer living in Kingston, NY. She is the editor of the award-winning anthology, Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York and its follow-up, NY Times Bestseller, Never Can Say Goodbye: Writers on Their Unshakable Love for New York. She has worked as a journalist, essayist, New York Times best-selling ghostwriter, and teacher of various kinds of writing at the college level. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, New York Magazine, The Village Voice, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, More, The Rumpus, plus other publications and anthologies. Sari is also the co-editor of, “Get Out of My Crotch: Twenty-One Writers Respond to America’s War on Women’s Rights and Reproductive Health.”

  • Julie Novak

    JULIE NOVAK is a multi-talented musician, actor, performance artist, comedian and also the co-author (with Jacinta Bunnell) of the feminist coloring book Girls are Not Chicks. Whether singing in a punk band, storytelling with TMI Project, emceeing an event for a charitable cause, or performing stand-up, Novak brings her own brand of humor, poignancy and “calculated mayhem” to every live show she performs in. With an often humorous spin on her keen observations, she renders even the very personal, universal. She studied comedy and improv at Second City in Chicago and Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC. She’s performed stand-up in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. In 2013 she participated, along with such comedians as Lewis Black and Kathy Griffin, in the Serious Laughs Comedy Festival, headlining “Queerstock”, a gay and lesbian cabaret. She is currently touring her first solo show, America’s Next Top. See more at

  • Micah
    Micah Webmaster

    I do the work that I do because I believe that we are each the social architects of our society. So we can manifest whatever it is we choose and in fact, we do. I see choice as the only force in the universe. I am an artist and though my work is only occasionally in tangible form, my life is my art. The way I walk, talk, move and breathe is my expression. I believe in living in possibility, and want to prove to my kids that anything is possible, even world peace. Anything is possible. I believe that we are moving towards oneness. I work to unify where there is division. I work selfishly to expand my own definition of self till I can act selfishly and towards the good of the universe simultaneously knowing that they are one in the same. In seeking unity I work to counter-measure the us vs. them paradigm. I do all of this as a yoga teacher at Mudita, as creator of DAY 1, on the board of Wild Earth, Radio Kingston and the Center for Creative Education, as a part of O+, working at the Kingston Farmer’s Market, a facilitator with GWI, as a City of Kingston Art Commissioner, just as a human being working in my community and especially as a father.


    BLAKE PFEIL is an award-winning songwriter and actor. His songwriting work has heard life in venues across NY, including headliner appearances at Joe’s Pub, 54 Below, Rockwood Music Hall, the Highline Ballroom, among others. Blake’s debut album WALLPAPER is available anywhere you can stream/buy music online. His Joni Mitchell-inspired theatrical creation THE BBC 1970  recently saw its third sold-out workshop at Rockwood Music Hall. Blake is also one of the cofounders of Macabre Americana. Additionally, Blake worked as the resident composer for the government-operated Gyeonggi English Village in South Korea from 2010-2011 and has served as a guest artist for both Concordia College and Icaro Teatro in Queretaro, Mexico. As a proud member of Actor’s Equity, Blake’s credits include the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ, Huntington Theatre Co., New Repertory Theatre, among others. He is currently an MA Candidate in Arts Entrepreneurship at SUNY Purchase, received his BFA from Emerson College, and is an alumni of the National YoungArts Foundation.


    SARA DEROSE is a nonprofit executive and marketing & communications consultant with over a decade of experience leading marketing teams, and developing full-stack marketing strategies across diverse categories ranging from CPG, Food, Arts, Finance, Tech start-ups and Nonprofit. She is passionate about helping nonprofits and entrepreneurs leverage technology, design and storytelling to reach wide audiences so they can achieve their goals.

    She draws inspiration from NYC’s vibrant and varied arts and cultural community. Prior to working as a consultant, she served for several years as Brooklyn Arts Council’s marketing and communications director, and worked in a variety of project management, organizational development, and fundraising capacities. Sara loves a good brand story and has been fortunate to tell quite a few. She has worked with venerable arts, cultural and social justice organizations such as Creative Time, Public Art Fund, Repair the World and National Council of Jewish Woman as well as brands and start-ups including CA Technologies, Fruit Bliss and Dashride.

    Sara holds a Bachelor of Arts from Fordham University and a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management from New School University.


  • "By not merely acknowledging my deepest insecurities, but also publicly sharing them at the United Nations, of all the places in the world, I began to accept them. I became more open with my mentors and friends and ended up creating an amazing circle of support based on genuine human connection."

    Momal Mushtaq
    Momal Mushtaq Participant
  • "Listening to veterans' stories is literally a way to consciously share the burden of war with the warriors. I know because through TMI Project, the people in my community listened, and shared the burden of Vietnam with me."  

    Ray Cocks
    Ray Cocks Participant
  • "I don't want the mental illness to rule my life anymore; I want to be free: Free from that which has controlled me. I truly believe that I would have sought help sooner had I heard someone relate a story similar to mine. So I read my story at the performance, and I will continue to read it if people ask me."  

    Anastasia Wasko
    Anastasia Wasko Participant
  • “The retreat had such an impact – in terms of identifying their passions and purpose;  understanding that effective leaders must ‘challenge the process’ and ‘model the way;’  that they build such trusting relationships and a judgment free environment in such a short period of time; and most importantly, that to truly unleash their leadership potential, they need to tell their stories, let go of the demons holding them back and prepare to re-write their future.”

    Maureen Peters Gittelman
    Maureen Peters Gittelman Deputy Director, Elanor Roosevelt Leadership Center
  • "TMI Project has created an innovative methodology - one that creates community, deepens intimacy and is so needed in our culture at this time. My personal experience has been life changing and emotionally transforming. I have moved to Los Angeles but until there are TMI Project workshops out west, I plan to travel back east once a year specifically to work with them."

    Gaige Clark
    Gaige Clark Founder/Creative Director, Spruce
  • “Both Eva and Sari have done a wonderful job of modifying each workshop to meet the diverse needs of the students as they create a new venue for participants to explore themselves as learners, capture and record their voice in a safe manner, and work on public speaking and performance. I look forward to growing the partnership with TMI Project and our shared effort in serving the students of Ulster County and beyond."

    Jonah M. Schenker
    Jonah M. Schenker Principal, Ulster BOCES Alternative High School

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