In alignment with TMI Project’s mission to empower people and bring about change through true storytelling, we work to amplify the voices of members of the LGBTQ community to help dissolve the stigmas associated with being lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender and queer. These stories will raise awareness of the ways in which LGBTQ people often have their safety, wellbeing and quality of life compromised by legislation and bigotry while shining the spotlight on the strength and resilience of those who’ve survived and thrived despite it all.

Through our in-person storytelling workshops and performances as well as our digital platforms, we seek to expose the personal struggles, serious dangers and injustices experienced by LGBTQ peopole, while also utilizing our platform to raise visibility, inspire hope and to celebrate the vitality of members of this community.

Trevor Project Partnership

The Trevor Project, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ youth, has teamed up with TMI Project to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Together, we’ve put out a call for stories from LGBTQ people + allies who have stories of survival to help us celebrate Trevor Project’s 20th anniversary this year. Have you experienced suicidal thoughts in your life? In those moments, did you turn to crisis services, a therapist, or a friend/family member? What was that exchange like? How did it change the course of your life?If you have a desire to share your story to inspire others who might still be struggling, we want to hear from YOU!

Up to eight people with transformational stories will be selected to come to NYC for a 3-day TMI Project memoir writing and storytelling workshop, which will culminate in a live performance at an off-Broadway theater!

*Travel, room and board will be covered for selected participants outside of the NYC area.

Do you have an inspiring LGBTQ story to share?



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“Stories have the power to transform the muddled and conflicted experience of living into something valuable; they are the means by which we pass along what we know to future generations and make a better world. For twenty years, The Trevor Project has been encouraging young people to reach out to us and tell their stories. We’re excited to work with TMI Project this fall, collecting and publicly sharing select stories of survival and courage with the goal of inspiring the next generation of LGBTQ young people to live their lives.” 


– Trevor Project’s Co-founder James Lecesne

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