Do you have a TMI story you long to tell but keep shrouded in secrecy because of fear, shame or embarrassment? We all do! New studies show that writing about your personal experiences can be both healing and empowering. Through the ancient art of storytelling, participants turn their pasts into testimonials of survival, dispelling old shame and inspiring others.


Upcoming Workshops & Post-workshop Events

TMI Project at The Lace Mill

September 6 – November 1, 2017

TMI Project, in partnership with RUPCO, is offering a 10-week memoir writing and storytelling workshop to the residents of The Lace Mill, a 55-unit affordable housing complex for artists in Kingston, NY. There will be a live performance held on Wednesday, November 8th at 7pm at The Lace Mill. Details to follow.

TMI Project at the Mental Health Association of Ulster County (MHA)

Thursdays, October 19 – December 28, 2017   2 – 4pm
TMI Project, in partnership with MHA, is offering a 10-week memoir writing and storytelling workshop at MHA. Registration is first open to clients and then to the general public. If you’re interested in learning more or signing up please contact Kat at MHA at There will be a live performance held on Thursday, December 21th at 2pm at MHA. Details to follow

TMI Project at Kingston High School in partnership with A Call to Men

Date TBD

TMI Project partnered with A Call to Men, Stockade Works, and the Kingston High School Football Team under the guidance of Coach Jeramie Collins to create a documentary. The football players, after working with Tony to learn about “The Man Box,” are participating in a TMI Project memoir writing and storytelling workshop to confront a hyper-masculine culture and redefine what it means to be men. This workshop is being taught through the fall and will culminate in a live performance at the end of the football season. Details to follow.



  • A “safe” environment with supportive instructors and participants
  • Writing exercises designed to jog your mind and help you see your story from alternate angles
  • Gentle nudging to get you to tell the parts of your stories you usually leave out
  • Opportunities to sharing your writing and ideas
  • Guidance toward a completed piece of writing
  • Editing and shaping of your piece for the stage, transforming it into a monologue you’ll perform; or editing your piece for the page.
  • Rehearsal in preparation for your performance
  • Lots of laughing, crying and bonding with other courageous storytellers
  • A transformative performance for both the readers and the audience


Host a workshop especially customized for you and your group.

Workshops can be themed or open. We can work with college students, professionals, community organizations and groups of family and/or friends.

We offer One-day Workshops, Weekend Retreats and Weekly Classes

If you have something unique or special in contact us – we can create a magical workshop experience to meet your individual needs.

Community Outreach

In 2012, TMI Project launched its Community Outreach Initiative, bringing distinct versions of its empowering workshops to various rarely-heard-from populations, with writing prompts and other exercises specially tailored to address each group’s particular issues. Among the groups served so far:

  • Survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Teenage mothers
  • At-risk teens with autism, Asperger’s, psychiatric disorders and behavioral issues
  • Adults working on their mental health issues
  • The LGBTQ community
  • Incarcerated teenage boys
  • Military veterans
  • People struggling with eating disorders
  • Cancer survivors
  • "Before I participated in a TMI Project workshop, I was ashamed to talk about my mental illness and especially to admit that I had been hospitalized on several occasions. Soon after the classes began, I started to feel more comfortable. The judgement-free environment in the group created a safe place for me. Through writing, I began to realize my true feelings about my journey with mental illness and I finally became confident enough to share my story. I had never felt this empowered before. Now I want to share my story with others. I know how difficult the low points can be, but I also know how it feels to emerge with strength. Having hope is a crucial part of recovery. I have found hope, and now I want to give it to others. Everyone deserves to have the same life-changing TMI Project experience."  

    Allie Quinn
    Allie Quinn Participant
  • "When I took the TMI Project Comedy Writing Workshop, my disease had just taken a turn for the worse. It was enormously gratifying to take experiences that were not at all funny in real life and look at them through a comedic lens. I knew I would enjoy performing a funny piece -- I have always loved comedy. I didn't know how healing it was going to be. It was important for me to thoroughly own my story in order to tell it, and owning my story made it manageable."  

    Sage Jobsis
    Sage Jobsis Participant

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