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Changing the World

One Story at a Time

Our Mission

TMI Project is a nonprofit transmedia organization teaching true storytelling workshops and creating inspiring live performances and bold digital content that focus on the “too much information” parts of a story, the parts typically left out because of shame or stigma. We believe that sharing radically candid, true personal narratives ignites human connection, challenges the status quo, and inspires both storytellers and listeners to take action for positive social change.

We do this by:

  • Providing workshop participants skills needed to be captivating storytellers, regardless of background or experience.
  • Creating media–videos, podcasts, documentaries, and written narratives–that bring diverse audiences together and amplify the voices of populations whose stories often go unheard.
  • Centering our programming around four social justice initiatives: Anti-Racism, Gender Equality, LGBTQ Rights, and Mental Health Awareness.
  • Casting a spotlight on emerging and veteran activists and leaders, to document the way they are changing the world, covering stories about challenges, hard work, and progress; stories that may not be recognized in history books but need to be heard and recorded for future generations.
  • Partnering with schools, nonprofits, small businesses, and corporations to craft storytelling workshops and performances that meet their unique community and team-building goals.

Since 2010, TMI Project has led approximately 90 true storytelling workshops and staged live storytelling performances by more than 1,750 storytellers, which have been presented to audiences of nearly 50,000 people in schools, colleges, prisons, mental health clinics, theaters, community centers, and the United Nations.

Areas of Focus

Writing and Performance
Writing and Performance
TMI Project runs writing workshops of varying lengths that culminate in either monologue performances, or printed work for publication in TMI Project books and periodicals, or other publications.
Community Outreach
Community Outreach
TMI Project’s Community Outreach Initiative brings distinct versions of its empowering workshops to various rarely-heard-from populations, with writing prompts and other exercises specially tailored to address each group’s particular issues.
We have had great success implementing the TMI Project methodology in school settings, getting kids to feel comfortable writing about their experiences with bullying, domestic violence, sexuality, sexual abuse, eating disorders, and drugs and alcohol.
With important issues and causes, reports and statistics only convey a small piece of the story, and they are easy to overlook or ignore. In great contrast, when we hear someone share their truth about the experiences they’ve lived through, it becomes almost impossible to turn a blind eye.


  • "By not merely acknowledging my deepest insecurities, but also publicly sharing them at the United Nations, of all the places in the world, I began to accept them. I became more open with my mentors and friends and ended up creating an amazing circle of support based on genuine human connection."

    Momal Mushtaq
    Momal Mushtaq Participant
  • "Listening to veterans' stories is literally a way to consciously share the burden of war with the warriors. I know because through TMI Project, the people in my community listened, and shared the burden of Vietnam with me."  

    Ray Cocks
    Ray Cocks Participant
  • "I don't want the mental illness to rule my life anymore; I want to be free: Free from that which has controlled me. I truly believe that I would have sought help sooner had I heard someone relate a story similar to mine. So I read my story at the performance, and I will continue to read it if people ask me."  

    Anastasia Wasko
    Anastasia Wasko Participant
  • “The retreat had such an impact – in terms of identifying their passions and purpose;  understanding that effective leaders must ‘challenge the process’ and ‘model the way;’  that they build such trusting relationships and a judgment free environment in such a short period of time; and most importantly, that to truly unleash their leadership potential, they need to tell their stories, let go of the demons holding them back and prepare to re-write their future.”

    Maureen Peters Gittelman
    Maureen Peters Gittelman Deputy Director, Eleanor Roosevelt Leadership Center
  • "TMI Project has created an innovative methodology - one that creates community, deepens intimacy and is so needed in our culture at this time. My personal experience has been life changing and emotionally transforming. I have moved to Los Angeles but until there are TMI Project workshops out west, I plan to travel back east once a year specifically to work with them."

    Gaige Clark
    Gaige Clark Founder/Creative Director, Spruce
  • “Both Eva and Sari have done a wonderful job of modifying each workshop to meet the diverse needs of the students as they create a new venue for participants to explore themselves as learners, capture and record their voice in a safe manner, and work on public speaking and performance. I look forward to growing the partnership with TMI Project and our shared effort in serving the students of Ulster County and beyond."

    Jonah M. Schenker
    Jonah M. Schenker Principal, Ulster BOCES Alternative High School

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