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Would you like to bring the transformative power of true storytelling to your organization, school or business?

Thank you for your interest in booking a TMI Project true storytelling performance and/or workshop series. Our performances can be booked as a stand-alone event followed by a moderated discussion or Q & A, or paired with a workshop series.

We collaborate with organizations across the country. Explore our case studies, and learn how we can assist you in bringing storytelling to your community.

Since 2010, TMI Project has led approximately 70 workshops and staged performances by more than 1,500 participants, which have been presented to audiences of nearly 50,000 people in schools, colleges, prisons, mental health clinics, theaters, community centers, and the United Nations.

TMI Project’s methodology can be implemented in a 10-week memoir writing and storytelling workshop during which participants will be guided with writing prompts, brainstorming sessions, feedback during development and editing of a final piece; a 2-day intensive workshop; or an afternoon mini-workshop designed to introduce participants to the process.

Everyone has a “TMI” story they’ve always wanted to share, but felt couldn’t or shouldn’t. In our workshops, participants are guided through exercises designed to help explore personal experiences in a new light by writing about them, boldly. After the stories are crafted, edited and rehearsed, participants who are comfortable doing so will perform them for each other and the general public, if desirable.

We invite all TMI Project workshop participants to take time to find the story they most need to tell, feel supported telling it in a safe space, be guided to tell it in a way that ensures they will be heard powerfully, release shame and stigma, clear space for new perspectives, and fully embrace their power.

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  • "By not merely acknowledging my deepest insecurities, but also publicly sharing them at the United Nations, of all the places in the world, I began to accept them. I became more open with my mentors and friends and ended up creating an amazing circle of support based on genuine human connection."

    Momal Mushtaq
    Momal Mushtaq Participant
  • "Listening to veterans' stories is literally a way to consciously share the burden of war with the warriors. I know because through TMI Project, the people in my community listened, and shared the burden of Vietnam with me."  

    Ray Cocks
    Ray Cocks Participant
  • "I don't want the mental illness to rule my life anymore; I want to be free: Free from that which has controlled me. I truly believe that I would have sought help sooner had I heard someone relate a story similar to mine. So I read my story at the performance, and I will continue to read it if people ask me."  

    Anastasia Wasko
    Anastasia Wasko Participant

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