We are now accepting rolling submissions.

At TMI Project, we believe storytelling is a vehicle for human connection and can ignite hope during the darkest of times. We’re dedicated to helping you tell your stories and stay connected even if we can’t be in the same room with each other. To that end, we invite you to submit a story of up to 1000 words about hope, resilience, silver linings and the unexpected gifts you’ve received during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know you need to write about your experiences and our audience needs to hear them.

To help you get started, below are writing prompts. They are meant to open doors in your mind to different experiences you may have had, and/or different perspectives on those experiences. The prompts are merely suggestions. You might want to choose one or go with a combination. However, if none of the prompts appeal to you, write what you feel compelled to write about instead. We recommend reading through them, regardless, as they might inform and expand on what you have in mind to write about.

There will be a public reading on Saturday, May 16th at 8pm via Zoom which will later be shared on TMI Project’s Facebook page. 

Please note: Not everyone who submits will be invited to read. If you are chosen, you must be willing to have your story edited for the live reading.

Write a story about:

  1. A time you could easily see the silver lining.
  2. A time when someone helped you.
  3. A time when being of service changed you for the better.
  4. Something you didn’t appreciate before the pandemic that you cherish now.

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