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If you believe in the power of storytelling to change the world, if you believe that in order to achieve real social justice, we ALL need to be given a platform to share our stories and be heard, support TMI Project today.


As a result of COVID 19, TMI Project has had to cancel all of its in-person programs. In this uncertain time of social distancing, our mission to ignite human connection through true storytelling has never been more important. We need your consistent support to stay afloat and move our programming online. Instead of making a single gift once a year, Sustaining Members make a budget-friendly automatic monthly contribution just like you’d pay for your Netflix or Spotify subscription. Your monthly contribution helps support the production of online offerings, including our new virtual storytelling workshop series and the ongoing creation of TMI Project’s media like The TMI Project Podcast and other free content.

Benefits for all Sustaining Members:

  • Uninterrupted Sustaining Member status: your monthly contribution will continue until you choose to make a change.
  • The ease and convenience of automatic contributions with the flexibility of making changes at any time.
  • Exclusive virtual events for Sustaining Members, and the opportunity to purchase 15% off discounted registration for storytelling workshops and performances

Level-Specific Perks:

  • $10 a month(Receive Verna’s Gillis’ curated TMI Project Podcast Spotify playlist as our thank you)
  • $20 a month (Everything above, plus receive our TMI Project t-shirt as our thank you)
  • $50  a month (Everything above, plus you’ll get a shout out as a patron on TMI Project’s social platforms)
  • $100  a month (Everything above, plus you’ll be named as a podcast season producer)



Brand your business as an investor of social responsibility.

TMI Project Business Sponsors are aligned with social justice movement building in a deeply personal way: through radically candid, true storytelling that ignites human connection, challenges the status quo, and inspires both storytellers and listeners to take action for positive social change.

Your business sponsorship will help build compassionate, connected, and equitable communities that elevate the voices and stories of all people, especially those from historically marginalized communities.


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