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Now Hiring: Podcast Producer/Writer/Editor/Mixer
The TMI Project Podcast, Season 4: Black Trans Stories Matter

TMI Project is an equal employment opportunity employer. We seek a broad and diverse pool of candidates and strongly believe the diversity of our workforce is essential to accomplishing our mission. We also believe it is crucial to have a workforce and leadership that reflect the communities we serve. We look forward to getting to know more about you, your experience, and your passions through this application process.

Podcast Production Team for The TMI Project Podcast, Season 4: Black Trans Stories Matter
(These roles can be filled by 1-2 people, depending on availability and skillset. This role can also be remote.)

Reports to: Executive Director


  • Oversee the production of the podcast from script to the final edit, ensuring artistic vision aligns with TMI Project’s brand
  • Work with storytellers, hosts, editor, mixer, graphic designer, administrative assistant, operations and programs manager, executive director, and others to ensure the series is representative of the range of and reaches the audience we aim to serve
  • Manage, direct, and oversee all recording sessions to ensure all needed content is available for the editor
  • Write scripts for each episode
  • Work with team to ensure all stories are told equitably and with care 
  • Edit scripts as necessary


  • Edit every episode with intros, outros, music, and sound cues
  • Bring the story to life using sound effects, music, and other audio
  • Identify and address issues such as background noise, echo, distortion, and flubbed lines, to provide a clean and high-quality final product.


  • Hold a strong conviction that storytelling is social justice, and by joining forces with TMI Project, you will help us change the world one story at a time
  • Be an advocate and ambassador for TMI Project — be well-versed in our history, mission, and vision
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize in a dynamic office/remote hybrid work environment and work as a team member with minimal supervision
  • Strong attention to detail with excellent written, oral, and general communication skills
  • Ability to develop effective work plans, organize details, set priorities, and meet deadlines
  • Minimum two-three years related podcast production experience in given field

After carefully reviewing the above description and requirements, qualified individuals are invited to apply by completing this form and submitting a resume and well-crafted cover letter. The cover letter will also serve as a writing sample. All applicants should have a strong work ethic and be self-starters, organized and reliable.

Applications accepted until January 15th. To apply, please fill out the form below.

About TMI Project:

TMI Project’s mission is to help craft and amplify radically true stories to ignite human connection, challenge the status quo, and inspire both storytellers and listeners to take action for positive social change.

We do this by:

  • Teaching true storytelling workshops which culminate in live performances and digital content that focus on the “too much information” parts of a story typically left out because of shame, stigma, fear, or cultural expectation.
  • Centering our programming around four social justice initiatives: Racial Justice, Gender Equity, LGBTQIA+ Rights, and Mental Health Awareness.
  • Partnering with schools, nonprofits, small businesses, and corporations to work with directly impacted folks, students, emerging and veteran activists, and leaders.
  • Shining the spotlight on the stories that may not be featured in mainstream media or recognized in history books but have the power to change the world.

Since 2010, TMI Project has led more than 100 true storytelling workshops and staged live storytelling performances by nearly 2,000 storytellers, which have been presented to audiences of over 100,000 people in schools, colleges, prisons, mental health clinics, theaters, community centers, the United Nations and online.

The TMI Project Podcast

Since 2011, TMI Project has collected over 2,000 stories. The TMI Project Podcast, launched in 2020, profiles the people who got on stage and shared the stories they were most afraid to tell. The stories behind the secrets. And what happened next.

The TMI Project Podcast features adult content and is geared toward people interested in social justice, human rights, arts, culture, and, most importantly, storytelling. Our audience believes that it’s important to hear from marginalized communities and understand they can’t rely on mainstream media, film, radio, or television to get what they’re looking for. The podcast is free and regardless of topic, always features radically candid true stories from historically underrepresented populations often overlooked by mainstream media.

We believe that through vulnerability human beings connect with one another, and when people share the stories they’re most afraid to tell their vulnerability becomes a superpower. Individually, when we share our most personal stories, the ones we’ve kept hidden from the world, our lives subtly shift and open up in positive ways. Collectively, this shift is seismic. We think we can make the world a kinder, gentler place this way, one story at a time.


  • Season 1: Tragedy+Time=Comedy
    Tragedy is only funny after a significant amount of time. In our debut season, 9 storytellers shared tales that might not have been so funny way-back-when, but that they can laugh at now. 
  • Season 2: Black Stories Matter
    Since 2017, TMI Project has provided Black-led true storytelling workshops where Black folks can write about, share, and reflect upon their experiences without having to justify, explain, or defend the truth of their lived experiences. Since its inception, TMI Project’s Black Stories Matter program has created and amplified the stories of nearly 100 black storytellers and reached over 70k audience members. This season of the podcast featured 12 storytellers from the series.
  • Season Three: Stories for Choice
    Stories for Choice uses radically true stories that include the TMI parts we usually keep to ourselves because of fear, shame, stigma, or cultural expectation — to ignite human connection, challenge the status quo, and inspire storytellers and listeners alike to take action for true reproductive justice. Choice is about comprehensive, safe, accessible reproductive healthcare for all who need/want it, to make whatever choice they choose. The stories featured in this season of the podcast highlight the gray areas of an issue that is often talked about in black and white.
  • Season Four: Black Trans Stories Matter
    On Saturday, June 12, 2021, TMI Project presented our first-ever Black Trans Stories Matter live virtual true storytelling performance. The performance was a culmination of a Black trans-led 10-session true storytelling workshop series for Black TGNC people. They gathered, wrote, shared stories, and received support in a space where they didn’t have to justify, explain or defend their truth. This season of the podcast features 10 powerful storytellers from this series.

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