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TMI Project | 65 Saint James Street, Kingston, NY 12401


The TMI Project Story Hour features stories from more than a decade of live performances, profiling the brave souls who stepped on stage and shared the stories they were most afraid to tell. In each episode we take a deeper dive and share the stories behind the secrets, and what happened next.

The TMI Project Story Hour features adult content and is geared toward people interested in social justice, human rights, arts, culture and, most importantly, storytelling. Our audience believes that it’s important to hear from marginalized communities and understand they can’t rely on mainstream media, film, radio or television to get what they’re looking for.


TMI Project: Founded in 2010, TMI Project is a nonprofit that teaches true storytelling workshops and creates live performances and digital content that focus on the “too much information” parts of a story typically left out because of shame or stigma. We believe that sharing radically candid, true personal narratives ignites human connection, challenges the status quo, and inspires both storytellers and listeners to take action for positive social change.

Radio Kingston: TMI Project Story Hour partner Radio Kingston is a non-commercial platform dedicated to a vibrant, just, and healthy Kingston centered around community storytelling, artistic and musical expression, conversation, and connection.


At TMI Project, we believe human beings connect with one another through vulnerability, and when people share the stories they’re most afraid to tell their vulnerability becomes a superpower.

Individually, when we share our most personal stories, the ones we’ve kept hidden from the world, our lives subtly shift and open up in positive ways. Collectively, this shift is seismic. We think we can make the world a kinder, gentler place this way, one radically true story at a time.


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Podcast Trailer

EPISODE #1Verna Gillis

EPISODE #2Dusty Childers

EPISODE #3Sam Osterhout

EPISODE #4Erin Baretto

EPISODE #5Erica Chase Salerno

EPISODE #6Margarita Meyendorff

EPISODE #7Maria Elena De Valle

EPISODE #8Markel Mosley

EPISODE #9Hayley Downs


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