Over the past ten years, TMI Project has collected nearly 2,000 true stories. The TMI Project Story Hour profiles the people who got on stage and shared the stories they were most afraid to tell. The stories behind the secrets. And what happened next.

Bonus Episodes

Reclaiming Our Time

Alone Together

Vicarious Resilience


The TMI Project Story Hour features true stories by people from historically underrepresented populations often overlooked by mainstream media. Join co-hosts Eva Tenuto and Micah Blumenthal with some of our favorite storytellers as they step on stage and transform painful events from their past into powerful, inspiring, and often hilarious, monologues of resilience and survival.

Founded in 2010, TMI Project is a nonprofit transmedia organization teaching true storytelling workshops and creating inspiring live performances and bold digital content that focus on the “too much information” parts of a story, the parts typically left out because of shame or stigma. We believe that sharing radically candid, true personal narratives ignites human connection, challenges the status quo, and inspires both storytellers and listeners to take action for positive social change.



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