EPISODE #4 | FreedomWalker Takes the A Train (out of Harlem)

While the broad effects of COVID-19 continue to impact our wellbeing, many New Yorkers who can afford to consider relocating are moving to neighboring cities like our own, Kingston, New York. As we hear Freedom Walker share her experience of being displaced from Black Harlem, the only place she’d ever lived, we can’t help but wonder how this migration will impact people like her who are already readjusting to a new sense of home. 

EPISODE #2 | Dusty Childers

TMI Project storyteller Dusty Lynn Childers grew up in Gaffney, South Carolina. As a kid young Dusty felt pressure to fit in and that meant assuming a masculine persona that didn’t quite ring true. Dusty’s story is about the day his straight-talking mother, who he calls a “rainbow dipped witch,” called him out on it.

I’m struggling with the rising cost of living. My private complex is bought and sold three times. With every change in management, friends and neighbors leave at record speed…So many can’t afford to stay in their apartments, and they can’t afford to leave for other ones that are even more expensive. Eventually, I am one of those people.


This is Episode 4, Season 2 of The TMI Project Story Hour: Black Stories Matter featuring TMI Project storyteller Freedom Walker. This episode was produced by Hayley Downs and mixed by Marlan Barry. It was co-produced by Radio Kingston. Special thanks to Ida Hakkila, Nate Brogan, Kale Kaposhilin, Jimmy Buff, and North Guild Productions. 

There are two sides to the gentrification coin: creation and destruction. Freedom Walker saw both during her exile from Harlem to Kingston, NY. Freedom Walker was one of our first Black Stories Matter workshop participants, and her story is from TMI Project’s first Black Stories Matter performance at Point of Praise Family Center in Kingston, NY in 2017.


Eva Tenuto
Hayley Downs
Blake Pfeil
Sara DeRose
Edison Woods
Dara Lurie
Marlan Barry
Lauren Gill
Shantae Howell
Clarissa Marie Ligon
Freedom Walker


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