Episode #5 | Jahir Wrestles With His Identity

After coming out as Trans to his father, Jahir (he/him) decides to create his own definition of masculinity.

I take a deep breath. “Dad,” I say. “I’m trans.”


This is Episode 5 of Season 5 of The TMI Project Story Hour: Black Trans Stories Matter featuring Jahir Thomas. Jahir recently moved back to Georgia with the rest of his family where he has made huge strides in his relationships and confidence. Jahir hosts T-Talk W/ Jahir on YouTube. In addition to reaching an online audience, he’s thrilled to have met and formed strong bonds with many trans men in Georgia. You can find out more about Jahir at @j_thom4s.

This episode was mixed/mastered by Stevie Manns (they/them) and produced in partnership with Radio Kingston. TMI Project’s Black Trans Stories Matter program was created by Cece Suazo (she/her).

We encourage you to listen in community and utilize this helpful resource:
Black Trans Stories Matter: A Discussion and Action Guide

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Kiebpoli Calnek (they/them), Host, Writer, Editor
Erik Harris (he/him), Host, Writer, Editor
Jahir Thomas (he/him), Storyteller


How has your upbringing influenced your self-image?



Eva Tenuto (she/her), Executive and Artistic Director / Co-founder
Blake Pfeil (he/him), Operations and Programs Manager
Laura Marie Ruocco (she/her), Marketing and Digital Coordinator


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