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While our newest group of storytellers immerse themselves in TMI Project’s true storytelling workshop in preparation for performing their stories live at Black Stories Matter at Black History Month Kingston on February 15th, we’re diving into TMI Project’s Black Stories Matter archive. 

Follow along all month as we share stories from the eight brave storytellers who performed last Summer. First up: Twinkle Burke.

Twinkle isn’t a teacher or a nurse, but sometimes she plays one on TV. Because in the acting world, producers and writers like to cast women of color as nurturers and teachers and nurses are the most popular.

“I realize that being Black means a lot of different things. It’s making the choice to not be a nurturing Mammy; to embrace Betye Saar’s machine-gun-toting Aunt Jemima archetype.  It’s the declaration that I’ll nurture you on my time in my way IF I want.”

Watch the video below of Twinkle performing her story, which debuted at Black Stories Matter: Truth to Power on June 21, 2019


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